Chilescape Punto Cl

Chilescape Punto Cl Chilescape Punto Cl
ChileScape. cl is an international private agency. It is designed to make out of Chile a great opportunity in the commerce and industry areas. It is accessible to small-, medium- and big-size qualified companies throughout the world, notwithstanding its geographical position or the economical situation of its country of origin. Advices foreign companies, which want to expand their business and trade in Chile in the areas they wish to. ChileScape. cl puts in contact companies throughout the world in order to find sellers, buyers, producers, manufacturers or prospective partners in Chile and to negotiate directly with them.
ChileScape. cl is not dedicated to import nor to export goods, but it works on a commission basis and commercial brokerage. Instead of price differences, you get more benefit. You dont have to pay any fee to Chilescape, before we successfully provide you the help you need and achieve the success in your business.
ChileScape. cl is working to become the most important international business centre for Chile. This will be achieved by making strategical alliances between companies with key experience throughout the world and Chilean companies with emerging economies like the one in Chile.
Drafting and negotiation of agreements in English and German;
Due diligences and legal opinions;
International purchase and sale agreements;
International payment methods and international financing (letter of credit, electronic banking, etc. ) ;
Internet law; and
European law
Manuel Soto Olivares
[56] 9 75265240
Sto. Domingo 755 Depto. 507
Santiago, Santiago, 123456, Chile
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